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Flying Termites

Termite Alates or flying termites are the most common form of termite we see and are seen from late spring into summer as part of the seasons termite swarming process. Trillions of termites swarmers hit the skies and literally just land everywhere, hoping to find a place to build a new termite nest. Most homes in Newcastle with spider webs will have these caught in them at this time of year. Termite swarming mostly occurs at the end of a humid day late spring or summer just before a storm and often at dusk.

Flying Ants vs Flying Termites

Termites have two pairs of equal length wings. While ants wings in the front are larger than wings in back. Termites have straight antennae; ants’ are elbowed. Termites are like a sausage thick all the way along; an ant’s body has a pinched waist.
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