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termite treatment image Carrington NSWAnother property saved from termites in Newcastle, Carrington to be specific.

Image is of a termite nest behind wall, thermal camera images tell the story.

A termite baiting system was installed where termite feeding was most prevalent in.  A termite management plan was implemented for the entire site.

Termite baiting our preferred termite management procedure.

The termite baiting system is non-invasive and termites come for the termite bait. This means termite inspections can be performed without drilling into termites or destroying termite nests.  In fact, termites destroy themselves by feeding on the termite bait.

The termite bait is termites favourite food.  A termite will go to great lengths to get termite bait and termites always take the shortest path between their nest and termite bait.

Don’t let termites call your home or business their new home.

Use a proven termite method that can be monitored with non-destructive techniques and by a termite company with years of experience in the industry.

Protect yourself from costly damage caused by unwanted termites today!

Contact us for a free inspection before you spot termites as an issue on your property or risk severe structural damage to your property later down the track because you chose not to act now! Don’t hold off, eradicate termites before they ruin your home or business.