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When cutting sections of concrete of of an existing monolithic slab it is important to remember not to just use termite collars over penetrations but the make sure the actual joins of the cut concrete to new concrete also have termite protection.

Termite treatments are also important where concrete floor slabs meet in corners, especially with brickwork and masonry infills.

Treat floor penetrations with approved termite barriers before the slab is poured.

Treat new slab or concrete joins with approved termite barriers after the slab is poured.

Terms you need to know:

Monolithic Slab – A single continuous slab of concrete poured over a supporting base such as joists or metal decking boards.

Termiticides – Chemical substances applied to foundations and floor slabs to prevent termite infestation.

Termite Collars – Termiticide or Termiticide-insecticide impregnated material that is placed around a penetration in a concrete slab or brickwork wall to discourage termite activity and attack.

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