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Silverfish pest control cost and warranty period

All our general pest control treatments include silverfish treatment.

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What does a silverfish look like

Silverfish are silvery-blue in colour, have tiny scales and move a bit like a fish – other names for Silverfish are carpet sharks & fish moths.

Silverfish treatment prices

Most people choose the Complete Pest Package for $250 which includes…

  1. Treatment of any size house, inside and out for $250
  2. Cockroaches (excludes Germans), Spiders, Ants (internal only) and Silverfish
  3. Full 12 months warranty even on spiders and ants (no-one else does this)


How to deal with a silverfish infestation

All our general pest control treatments include silverfish treatment so simply book a time and have your house treated.

How do silverfish reproduce

Silverfish reproduce by laying eggs. Some species lay up to 20 eggs a day and some only 2-3 eggs per day.

Habitat of silverfish

Silverfish are often found in roof voids, offices, linen presses, books, filed papers and similar habitats. They like high humidity, darkness however can survive in most Newcastle environments.

What do silverfish eat

In Australia silverfish mainly eat books paper and clothing. They like the starchy glues & cellulose in these items.

What damage can silverfish cause

Silverfish eat grains and chew holes in clothing, upholstery, or paper.

In large numbers, they can cause a lot of damage.

Mostly items that are destroyed are stored like files, books and clothing.

Experts in silverfish control

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