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Termite Treatment – Pre-construction & Renovations

Pre-construction & Renovations

Depending on the scale of renovation you undertake, opportunities are provided during a renovation to update the termite protection of the new section & existing home, and where framing is added/replaced, we always recommend that termite resistant framing be used. That can be hardwood, cypress pine, treated pine or steel framing. The easiest and cheapest termite resistant framing to work with is T2 treated pine.

Termite Management – Pre-construction & Renovations (all prices exclude GST)

  • Slab Penetrations – $12.00 Each
  • Reticulation System – $13.50 L/m
  • Blanket Membrane – $13.50 L/m (50cm wide)
  • Slab Membrane – $24.50 per sqm
  • Membrane to brick piers – $9.50 each

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We recommend physical or chemical sheet product termite barriers

If homes termite protected using chemical termite barriers are renovated, we recommend any areas with slab penetrations (eg. the tiled wet areas) have the slab penetrations termite protected using durable physical or chemical sheet product termite barriers. Retrospective termite treatments with modern termiticides have difficulty in effectively termite protecting slab penetrations, without damaging waterproofing, and/or requiring the removal and reinstatement of baths, showers, kitchen cupboards etc.

Please note that some physical termite barriers can interfere with some common waterproofing agents. Please discuss with your waterproofer which termite protection product has been used prior to any waterproofing agent application.

Prior to undertaking a renovation, a timber pest inspection should be carried out

Prior to undertaking a renovation, a timber pest inspection should be carried out. At Newcastle Pest Control, we identify the existing termite protection, take account of your planned renovation, and recommend a termite protection profile. Our recommendations are based on what termiticides and/or termite protection products will produce the lowest overall cost of ownership to you as the home owner.

Termite treatment costs

There are some within our industry that make their recommendations based on their hip pockets, and not yours. There are termiticides for instance that have shorter labelled expected protection periods, and require more frequent reinstatement. Those termiticides cost you as the homeowner more to maintain. Sometimes we find issues that can be addressed physically (permanent), rather than be addressed chemically (requiring ongoing reinstatement and cost).

A case in point is a timber post in a steel stirrup set too low in the soil. It can be chemically treated, but that treatment will require future reinstatement and cost. If the stirrup were reset with the post clear of the soil, there is no further ongoing maintenance or cost required. At Newcastle Pest Control, we never shy away from making a recommendation that’s in our clients’ best interests.

Timber pest inspections

Newcastle Pest Control are not the cheapest timber pest inspection company you’ll find, (and we’re not the most expensive) but as you might have gathered browsing our web site, given what we provide in our inspections and advice, you’ll find we’re incredibly good value.

The value of the honest advice you get here will be remembered long after you’ve forgotten the price!