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Symptoms of Redback spider bites

  • Localised pain & swelling
  • Profuse sweating is common after a redback spider bite
  • Pain and swelling all over the body is typical after 30 minutes or so
  • Headaches, nausea vomiting are all key symptoms after an hour or so

Is the Redback spider really that dangerous

No deaths recorded from a redback spider since the 1960’s apart from deaths associated with anaphylaxis, same as if a bee stung you and you died from anaphylaxis or some other allergy. We have had anti venom for a redback spider since 1960 so there is a direct correlation between the lack of deaths and the anti venom being available.
The redback spider, or Latrodectus hasselti, is dangerous, has potent venom and lives all around us.
The redback spider a type of black widow spider found in US and other parts of the world.

How common are Redback spider bites

It is estimated that around 10,000 redback spider bites occur in Australia every year. Most of these would be minor with many presenting to Doctors and Hospitals with little to no treatment required.However because redback spiders they live all around us and are often found where we accidentally annoy them bites are more common than you think.

Do Redback spider bites kill

If a spider bites repeatedly there is more risk of death than if a spider bites once.It is well know that redback spiders inject less venom into soft skin than harder skin. One hypothesis for this is that they think something with harder skin is more risk to them therefore more venom is injected.We know of people who have been bitten on the eye lid and no major problems. We also know of people bitten once and requiring hospitalisation.It is always best when redback spider bite symptoms present to seek medical advice.

What is the treatment of Redback spider bites?

  • Keep calm
  • Apply ice to minimise pain and swelling
  • Seek medical assistance
  • Anti-venom is available if symptoms are severe
  • DO NOT – use a tourniquet, bandage that restricts or cut, excise or incise the bite.

Is there a redback spider antivenom?


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