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Pantry moth treatment prices

Most people choose the Complete Pest Package for $250 which includes.

  1. Treatment of any size house, inside and out for $250
  2. Cockroaches (excludes Germans), Spiders, Ants (internal only) and Silverfish
  3. Full 12 months warranty even on spiders and ants (no-one else does this)
  4. Pantry moths included if the preparation below has been done

How to get rid of Indian Meal Moths & Pantry Moths

  1. empty all cupboards and draws, wash & disinfected them well
  2. throw out all opened packaging
  3. empty unopened packages into sealed containers (Tupperware style)
  4. vacuum vacuum vacuum, under cupboard voids, cracks crevices
  5. freeze new products for 48 hours after purchasing (this is generally not necessary if all other items have been actioned)
  6. glue traps from any supermarket to reduce male populations
  7. residual pest treatment for all cracks and crevices
  8. pheromone strips from us that break the breeding cycle

Pantry moth larvae

You know the ones.
Crawling all over your roof and walls.

Pantry Moth | Indian Meal Moth

Pantry moth larvae

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