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How much should a termite treatment cost? What kind of termite treatment is the best for your house?

That’s not an easy question to answer. It depends on the species of termite, where you live, the length of time termite infestation been active and if an entry point can be found.

We’ve written this post to answer that question as best we can. Having said that termites are ancient insects and can always surprise even the most experienced termite technician.

Termite treatment cost for mounds & trees

If you can physically break the nest apart you can kill the termite colony and end the termite infestation if you are sure of the species of termites. Use a mattock if they are termite ground nests, you cant really get it wrong you can tell where the termite nest ends once you start digging. Use an axe if the termite nest is in a tree. If you can’t get to the termite nest or don’t want to do it yourself the termite treatment for these types of termites is $600 over two termite treatments.

Active termite treatment cost

You have a few termite treatment options for active termite control.

The more termites you can see the better the termite treatment.

Once discovered leave the termites as you found them.

If you have disturbed termites put everything back as you found it, as best you can. If you cant do that tape black plastic around the area you have disturbed, or cover it in cardboard. Don’t think to much just tape it up, cover it up, put everything back as it was and get a termite treatment expert in ASAP.

If you, or one of our technicians, have found live termites in your house, in a tree stump, or in a retaining wall, and there are still good numbers of the termites, then we have a chance to apply the initial termite treatment. The purpose of this termite treatment or termite baiting program is to stop termites chewing your house and if possible to eradicate the termite colony. We strongly recommend to do this before installing a chemical termite treatment around the house.

Active Termite treatment costs will range from $1200 to $3500 depending on the situation.

Preventative termite treatment or termite barriers will cost you around $65/m so anywhere from $1,500 to $5,000, depending on the size of your home and how difficult the site installation is. All termite barrier systems installed for long term termite treatments need to be replenishable. Some termite barrier treatments last 3 years and some give 10 years of termite control. Even though you have a termite prevention system installed the Australian Standard still says to have a visual termite inspection every year.

Can you treat termites yourself?

Reducing a termite treatment cost by doing it yourself is a possibility if you have technical knowledge about termite treatments, how termite infestations behave, what type of termite is the issue, whether termite baiting may be the right treatment option etc.

A termite treatment cost is often much higher after someone who does not have the technical knowledge has ‘had a go’ themselves, it’s not easy and experience plus the right tools and treatments are the key.

Many people think termite treatments are as simple as spraying some chemical purchased for the hardware store. Nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to termites. If you are thinking you can reduce the cost of a termite treatment by doing it yourself please read the above paragraph again. The cost of termite treatment by a professional is probably going to be much less than the overall cost of treating a termite infestation yourself.