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Health & Safety


  • You must advise us of any pets or of any personal or family/staff allergies or other concerns.
  • Any persons who are particularly sensitive, or who suffer from allergic reactions should, as a matter of precaution, remain out of the premises for a period of 24 hours and not return until after the premises have been fully ventilated.
  • You must remove or protect any people, animals, birds or fish during the treatment period.
  • You must cover all food items and all food utensils, and advise us of any water tanks installed.
  • You must avoid contact with treated surfaces until the control agent has dried.
  • You must observe any verbal advice provided by our firm or our licensed operator at the time of treatment.
  • You must ensure your premises are properly ventilated after treatment. Leave air conditioners on ‘vent mode’ (so they circulate outside air into the building) for a period of at least four hours after the treatment or before re-occupying