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Some of the insecticidal formulations you might use for pest control include:
  • Fly bait – there are a few options available. They are usually a granular formulation and one very effective product can be applied as a dry granule scattered around, placed in purpose built bait stations or just in trays, or mixed into a paste and applied to vertical surfaces such as timber poles or to pieces of timber mounted on platforms or suspended in the air. You can kill up to a thousand flies per hour with such a formulation!
  • Residual insecticidal application – the use of Synthetic Pyrethroids to fly alighting surfaces e.g. around entry doors, windows and waste bins, will repel and also kill flies. The addition of sugar will help attract house flies to the treated surface. Some insecticides are mixed with water and painted on to an appropriate surface. As well as the active ingredient these products also contain sugar and a sex attractant. If food doesn’t turn them on, then the prospect of a night out with a good looking female fly will certainly do the trick!
  • Insect growth regulators – these are used to control mosquito and black fly larvae in aquatic environments. They are available in a range of formulations and are very effective.
  • Drain cleaners– these are not your everyday cleaners but specially formulated products used to clean drains and pipes of organic matter, thus removing potential food sources for vinegar flies. They are available in a number of formulations including a foaming variety which is most effective.
  • Space treatments – the metered aerosol dispensers are a “mini space treatment” for small spaces. Sometimes, you may need to treat large spaces for flying insects, either a species of fly or stored product moths e.g. Indian meal moth. In this case, we would use an electric or petrol powered misting/fogging device or a high pressure aerosol.”
  • Metered aerosol dispensers – They have been sold for the control of nearly every pest (except rats) for spaces as large as the Sydney Cricket Ground! Needless to say, they are only effective against flying insects in limited spaces e.g. store room, cleaner’s room and garbage room. Many units have the ability to be set to operate within certain hours e.g. after close of trading until just before opening. For insect control these dispensers use a pyrethrin based insecticidal spray and they can also be used with aerosol cans which dispense an aromatic fragrance. If you have one of each spraying, the flies die happy!
  • Electronic fly killers – these are the units you see in the local take-away food shop or even in the deli dept. of a major supermarket chain, one globe flickering, one globe a very pale shade of blue and one globe dead a long time ago! Even worse, these units may be hanging above a food preparation surface or storage area.  It is essential that all UV tubes are changed according to their makers’ specifications. Their efficacy drops off sharply after their scheduled life which may be 6 or 12 months according to the specification.