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DIY termite bait systems are around for the past decade, but recently online buying DIY termite treatments has been costing homeowners thousands in bait and lots of homeowners are contacting Newcastle Pest Control’s termite division for help.

DIY termite treatments will probably cost you more in the end, and here is why

Professional pest controllers use products developed by some of the largest chemical company’s on the planet, these companies put many millions of dollars into research & development of their termite baits or bait system formulas.

Home owners need to appreciate that these DIY termite bait systems can be very dangerous if not applied correctly, and could lead to structural problems with your house that will cost you thousands more to repair.

DIY Termites treatments are around now more than ever before, and they most commonly use Internet based sales platforms such as eBay or Gumtree to acquire their clients.

Most of the time the label might say it has the same active ingredient as the professionals use however it is made overseas and who knows what the ingredients actually are.

DIY termite bait systems are not going to give you the same result as a professional would achieve.

Most DIY treatments sold are not licensed or approved in Australia as the professional products are, and this means DIY termite bait treatment systems could be illegal in your State.

Here are the top 4 things that could go wrong if you DIY Termite Treatments for your Home:

  1. DIY baits being placed incorrectly or too close to critical infrastructure such as supporting beams of the house could have potential structural damage occurring if the termites were able to reach these areas. This is far more likely than what most DIYers believe. A professional will often spend around 2-4 hours treating their clients homes and installing DIY Termite Baits correctly.
  2. DIY termite bait systems can be very dangerous if you are not aware of potential risks, DIY baits with insect growth regulators (IGR) could cause serious health issues through skin contact or inhalation. Ask yourself this question – did the manufacturer spend millions to ensure it was safe for application and use?
  3. DIY home owners may think they are getting a good deal by buying a system for $300-$500 only to find out that it is not licensed in their State or even worse illegal in Australia! This will then leave them needing to purchase another product. It has been proven time & time again that DIY Termites Treatments can cost homeowners up-to 5 times more in the long run.
  4. DIY home owners may think that they are saving money by purchasing DIY Termite Treatments however if a DIY termite bait system was to be installed correctly and maintained for around 2-4 years, it could still end up being 5 times dearer than if the DIY homeowner brought a professional out to their property over that time period.

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