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We all love bees, but there are good bees and invasive bees and its hard to tell the difference.

We have many clients with bee hives in their backyards that we successfully treat the remainder of their property for pests.

If you are worried about the bees your best choice for bee friendly pest control is Newcastle Pest Control.
Have a look at this Native NSW Bee poster you can buy from the link below they are amazing and we have some very beautiful local Newcastle bee species.

We mainly get calls about European Bee swarms.

Getting a beekeeper to come and collect the bee swarm may mean living with the bees for a few days or it may resolve quickly.

There are no black and white rules when it comes to bees.

Most of the the swarms are not aggressive because the bees have just gorged on honey and are well fed, however we have seen many aggressive bee swarms so stay away from them and keep your children and pets away from the bees as well.

The best advice is to stay away and either call a beekeeper to collect the bee swarm or a bee pest control expert.

Sadly you just cant save every hive. We do what we can.

I have a bee swarm what do I do

A queen with many thousand worker bees takes off and can land on your property and decide that’s the next bee hive.
Sometimes they will go in an hour and sometimes they are building for good.
We’ve seen bee swarms the size of a small car that sounded like a jet engine going past.
Bee swarms can be very impressive.

Bee Swarm

Contacting a Beekeeper in Newcastle

Bee swarm and bee hive collection by a local beekeeper can take a day or two, you need to be prepared to exist with the bees for that time.

The beekeeper will need to know the exact location of the bee swarm, its size and how long it has been there.

They will need to be able to get a beebox to the bee swarm and may leave the box there for a day or two.

They will probably collect the bee box at night.

Remember to check to see if they charge any fee to cover expenses.

Here are some helpful beekeeper links.

Contact Newcastle Pest Control for a Bee Treatment

You cant save every bee hive.

Some people have life threatening allergies to bees and the risk is too great.

If you need a bee treatment you can book online here or call 1300 104 599.

Encourage native stingless bees

Native stingless bees are awesome. We see some really beautiful ones locally here in Newcastle.

Plant flowers and native plants that encourage native bees

This is one that is in large numbers, black, about 1cm (1/2 inch) in length and his nest is usually situated on a bare patch of ground with lots of small holes in it. THIS GUY BITES (AND IT HURTS)

  • yellow and blue flowers are great but other flowers are fine
  • plant daisies native bees love them
  • coastal rosemary
  • tea trees
  • nectar-rich trees like gums, lilly pilly and bottle brush.

We are careful not to treat near Australia native stingless bees unless there is a medical reason to do so.

Invasive bees and feral bees

Most of the bees we see are invasive or feral bees. See more here

Native Bee Ground Burrows Under House

Provide nesting & feeding sites for native stingless bees

  • leave some bare ground in your garden, some native bees make ground burrows, we often see them under houses
  • don’t clear all the old wood from the trees, some native bees burrow into dead wood
  • let herbs and vegetable plants go to flower in you garden
  • provide water bowls with some rocks in them for bees to land on
  • buy a native bee hive they are available all over the web 🙂

European honey bee (Apis mellifera)

These are the bees we use for commercial pollination in hives. It is unknown how much damage these bees do to our native bees. You can only assume the wild populations compete for tree hollows and other suitable sites.

European honey bee (Apis mellifera)

Bumble bee (Bombus terrestris) in Tasmania

Asian honey bee (Apis cerana) in Queensland

Bee pest control costs and warranty

We charge $220 for a bee or wasp treatment. Warranty is for 6 months.

For more information contact Newcastle Pest Control or call 1300 104 599.